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Works in Progress and Upcoming Releases

Whether you like fiction, poetry, essays, or non-fiction, be on the look out for several upcoming releases.



In a world wear privacy is dead and Orwell's predictions seem optimistic, Cabal is a conspiracy-thriller that's in final editing. Here, you will meet Chase Summers, a once promising investigative journalist whose life turns upside down when he uncovers the secrets of a fifty year old organization dedicated to manipulating technology, media, and government for its own purposes.  Cabal is being previewed by several literary agents.

Boy in the Field

Signs of Life

If you enjoy mindful essays, brief fiction, and accessible poetry, you will enjoy Signs of Life.  In brief poignant poignant poetry and pose, Signs of Life explores what it means to feel joy, to struggle, to love, and mostly, to pay attention not just to what is going on around us, but inside us as well.  Release date late summer or early fall 2017


40 Lessons in Leadership

This Second Edition of 40 Lessons in Leadership has been completely updated with new interviews, observations, exercises and case studies.  Written for "everyday" leaders, each brief lesson is useful for developing your own leadership skills or for coaching others on such topics as team-bulging, leading change, communication, building trust, and much, much, more.  

Her you will find leadership lessons from the likes of Winne-the-Pooh, The Steve Miller Band, and even comedian Ron White. The Second Edition, including a new cover, will be available late Summer 2017

Above Earth

The Darian Matter

This work of fiction explores philosophy, science, friendship, and love complete with alien invasions, inter-dimensional travel.  In The Darian Matter you will meet a homeless veteran, a odd but brilliant college professor, a homeless veteran, and frail grandmother who join forces in an unlikely attempt to save humanity.  Projected release date is the first quarter of 2018

Works in Progress: Recent Books
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