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Jim Owens

Author. Poet. Speaker.

James I. Owens, Jr., or Jim, as he prefers, is an author-poet-cowboy-philosopher trapped in the body of a banker. He enjoys Kentucky Bourbon, dogs, black coffee and good conversation. Jim writes about about life, leadership, spirituality, mindfulness and “stuff that matters.” He is an avid hiker and a speech in search of an audience, addressing audiences on the topics of mindful leadership, thriving on change, and team building. Much to the surprise of his high school teachers and counselors, Jim is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College. He resides in North Alabama and loves to travel. You can follow his blog at and find his column on Elephant Journal.

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I suppose I suffer from a bit of attention deficit disorder. I tend to describe my genre as "stuff that matters." Whether writing fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, I want to explore ideas about spirituality, philosophy, mindfulness, science, and every day living. If you read my work, you will find those things present in my blogs, poetry, short stories, novels and work on business topics.

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Long Trail Home: a journey

January 20, 2023

Long Trail Home is a journey of self-discovery drawing wisdom from some of the world’s greatest spiritual, philosophical and literary traditions. The tale follows young Matthew Masterson, who leaves a life of wealth and privilege and the demanding expectations of his father. From youth to adulthood, Matthew must face challenges from within and without, driving him to answer the question: What path will I walk?

As you follow Matthew’s journey, you’ll meet Ben Goode, a weather-beaten ranch foreman of unexpected wisdom, who gently and patiently challenges men to confront their beliefs, the condition of their own hearts, and their judgments of other men. And you’ll meet the mysterious Workman, a man seemingly unbound by time, as he tends the physical and spiritual wounds of a young man unsure of his own name or how he fell under Workman’s care.

Though far from historical fiction, Long Trail Home is set against the backdrop of late 19th century America. The story sweeps across the country, from post-reconstruction Atlanta to the rapidly changing Southwest in an age that forces Matthew to confront the the horrors of slavery, the unintended consequences of war and greed, and shines a light on the path of new found purpose, hope, and compassion. By observing Matthew’s journey, perhaps you too will find yourself wondering how you might travel the Long Trail Home.

Long Trail Home is available NOW!

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Forty Lessons in Leadership

Second Edition

In this fully revised Second Edition, you'll find my take on what it takes to be an Everyday Leader.  Not a character study or an academic treatise, 40 Lessons is a practical tool for improving you leadership skills and for coaching others.  Each stand-alone chapter allows you to focus on what's most important to you and your organization.  

Here you will find unexpected wisdom from the likes of comedian Ron White, Winnie the Pooh and The Steve Miller Band.  You will also hear Jim share some of us his success and failures in a variety of roles he has held.  Every chapter if followed by a series of exercises  "For Thought and Action" so you can apply what you've learned  And a series of case studies is included for continued growth and discussion.  

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